We make our living by freelance writing online as well as doing random gigs, mostly found on Craigslist. We’ve done mystery shopping, photo editing, software updates, Publisher projects, festival entertainment, tarot reading, modeling, ad and flyer design, and more.

We’re up to just about anything. Neither of us have had a regular job for a few years but we aren’t opposed to it if the right one comes along. Below is an ad we sometimes post to Craigslist. Let us know if there’s something we can help you with!

Tavi and Casper’s Magical Computer Fixing Service

Hi there! We are Casper and Tavi, two Portland, Oregon, transplants living in Cincinnati. Casper is a computer geek and specializes in networking, but he can do just about anything. Tavi is an artist (capable of creating basic flyers, basic websites, etc) as well as a freelance writer who can write anything from school papers, to advertisements, to blog posts. Tavi can also do editing and proofreading.

We’re friendly, polite, professional, witty and excited about helping people with their computers.


  • has over 8 years of experience as a network administrator
  • has over 10 years of customer service experience
  • is a certified library media specialist
  • is a certified photo finishing engineer
  • knows pretty much everything there is to know about ancient Romans

He can provide assistance with…

  • virus diagnosis/removal
  • downloading movies and music
  • backing up your media files
  • home and small business networking set up and maintenance
  • getting your printer to work correctly
  • setting up and installing new programs and equipment


  • has two years of webmaster experience
  • is an HTML expert and is very familiar with CSS
  • has nearly two decades of personal art experience
  • was elected publicist for four different clubs in college, designing flyers and organizing distribution
  • is an expert in Microsoft Word with some experience in Publisher and Excel
  • has over a year of experience working as a freelance writer
  • can also be found at

She can help you with…

  • building or editing a website
  • digital photo restoration and enhancement
  • designing pamphlets, resumes, booklets, flyers and more
  • creating PowerPoint presentations
  • creating a landing page on Facebook
  • copywriting
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • content writing
  • editing papers for spelling, content, punctuation and grammar
  • ghostwriting papers, reports and more

Our fees vary quite a bit depending on the project. If you’re interested in our services, we want to talk with you about the project specifics. We can work and communicate, online, on the phone, or in person. Generally, we aim for $12-15 an hour. Tavi charges 1 cent per word for lower quality to writing and up to 2.5 cents per word for academic-style papers.


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