This drunk guys keeps showing up at our barred front door in the evening offering exotic local fruit to us for a dollar. We are friendly people and he always speaks a little English. We give him the dollar and he hands us the fruit through the bars. Then I get online and look at photos of Carribbean fruit to figure out what we are now the proud owners of.

This is not how I expected to explore the tastes of Puerto Rico, but I’m not complaining.


Jobos and a breadfruit.

I’m still waiting for the jobos to ripen, but I sliced up the breadfruit last night. It has a fascinating, spongy texture and a beautiful pattern expands out from the core. I boiled some; it tasted like boiled platanos but not as sweet. Apparently you can use it like potatoes in soup. It almost tasted like squash, too. I baked some as well, though our convection oven only goes up to 250. Casper really liked it baked. It kind of tasted like potatoes.


2 responses to “Fruit

  • paolazaragoza

    I hope you have enjoyed the fruit of my island Puerto Rico. An interesting way of trying the breadfruit is by slicing them in thick disks, squishing them in a toston masher and frying them, a great healthy alternative to tostones with are fried plantain. you can also boil them and serve with some simple olive oil, do mofongo with them, and basically to allot of things you would normally use a plantain. if you want more ideas on puertorrican food visit my blog

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